My Recommendations

Here are the “things” you will enjoy or find useful if you enjoy what I write here (I will update this as we move along):

Part 1: YouTube Channels I recommend

I am subscribed to a couple of YouTube channels for educational, self-improvement, and enjoyment purposes. So I will group them into those categories:


  • What I’ve Learned. Forget everything you know about diet, exercise, human physiology, human psychology etc. because this is the best source of peer-reviewed material about how our bodies and minds work and how we can best take care of them. There’s a reason it takes the top spot!!!
  • VisualPolitick EN …for a better understanding of world politics and current affairs
  • PowerfulJRE (and JRE Clips) aka The Joe Rogan Experience… it is a podcast but he brings high-profile guests you can learn from.
  • Veratisium …for physics concepts
  • Physics Girl …Also for physics concepts
  • Real Engineering …that title says it all really
  • Economics Explained …for understanding how the economy is working in the real world. Mostly macroeconomics stuff
  • Brian Douglas …control system engineering
  • GreatScott! if you want to learn how to build electronics projects
  • LevelUpTuts for coding
  • Paul McWhorter for Arduino, robotics, all that jazz
  • NancyPi for math i.e. calculus, trigonometry, and all that stuff. She went to an ivy league school (can’t remember if it was MIT) so she knows her stuff.
  • Matt Anderson. Another one for the electrical engineers. This one covers things like Maxwell’s Equations, magnetism, electromagnetism, etc. from fundamental principles
  • Khan Academy. The ultimate channel for all your educational needs. Covers everything.

Self Improvement

  • Improvement Pill. This one teaches you how to develop habits, how to live an optimal life, and all that stuff. Definitely recommended.
  • Better Ideas … if you want to unlock your brain’s potential and achieve more stuff
  • Thomas Frank … to be more efficient at what you do i.e scheduling and organizing yourself
  • Charisma on Command …improve your….Charisma 😂💪
  • Productivity Game the guy does summaries of books and when you watch his videos, you have the main points and life lessons from the book in about 10 minutes.

Fun and for leisure

  • Ryan George …probably the best channel out there… by far.
  • Screen Rant… also a movie channel but I mostly go for those Pitch Meetings done by Ryan George.
  • Screen Junkies … a movie channel but I mostly go for those Honest Trailers
  • How it Should Have Ended ..another movie channel that adds a twist to movies.
  • ExplosmEntertainment …adult cartoons you can watch for hours
  • College Humor …comedy skits

Part 2: Comedy Series I recommend

Forget about your mainstream comedies like How I Met Your Mother, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and all that jazz… Yes, they are good, but these are GREAT in my opinion:

  • Brooklyn Nine Nine – (My favorite and have watched it too many times)
  • Archer – probably watched it 15 times start to finish, all ten seasons… If I can erase my memory and watch it afresh, I would.
  • New Girl – Romantic Comedy
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Community
  • Rick and Morty – Adult Cartoon that makes you feel super-intelligent while also doubting your existentialism

Part 3: Drama/Action Series I recommend

  • Prison Break …of course
  • Suits …definitely
  • Money Heist. Just enjoy the twists and turns, and avoid comparing to Prison Break like an annoying sh*t
  • The Witcher
  • The Mandalorian
  • Game of Thrones. This one is 50/50 because those writers really f**ked up the final season so badly, I have never mustered the strength to re-watch it again.
  • Breaking Bad
  • The Wire. About detective work… starts slow but has one of the best themes of all American police movies (and also very realistic)

Part 4: Movies I recommend

Here, I have three main categories I made up: Trilogies/Cinematic Universes, Comedy, Drama/Thrillers

Trilogies/Cinematic Universes

  • The Dark Knight Trilogy (Christopher Nolan)
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU, watch all 23 of them. I have a disturbing admission I have to make: I haven’t watched Captain America: The First Avenger and at this point I am too late to watch it. Plus I have watched the rest like 5 times each, so I get away with that.
  • The Star Wars Trilogies… Now this one gets people really confused because they are like “how do I watch these things, I don’t understand what’s happening here.” There are two ways to go about it. First, watch them in the order they were released (Google that) or watch them from Episode 1-9. Then, look for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and ignore Solo: A Star Wars Story.
  • Harry Potter all seven of them. I have never read the books and never will… because why spend 10 or more hours reading one book when I can watch a movie for 2 hours and engage more senses and have more of an experience. I know the movies are a bit watered down but I say to you who insists the books are better: “Shove those books up your a**”
  • Lord of the Rings (spend 11 guilt-free hours on these bad boys)
  • The Hobbit: Now some people will say that this was overstretched and should never have been as long as they were made but to those people, I say, “It is pronounced Sm-a-uh-g”
  • Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey version) They are still working on this one but so far it has been a proper one for me.



  • Manchester by the sea
  • Knives out

Part 5: Books to read

When it comes to reading, I don’t mind reading course books (engineering, science, math etc.). What I can’t stand is taking a book by some motivational author or autobiography or romance or drama and reading it from end to end.

I don’t read books and would prefer to watch a movie about a book than read it (saves me time and, of course, doesn’t make me want to sleep). I hated reading so much, in high school I read the set books probably once during the read-alongs in class. Lucky there were dramatizations and those books that analyzed those set books.

Still in high school, someone once told me to read “Think Big” and then gave me a speech about how it will change my life. So, I told him to let me know when they release a movie about it and I will consider watching that instead (True Story).

In primary school I read pacesetters for the vocab (for compositions)… Otherwise, I found the stories to be fucking lame… It’s like watching a Naija movie (I better swallow broken glass than watch those movies to be honest).

That being said, I think you will love these ones that I dragged myself to read through sheer f**king will:

PS. If you also hate reading books, check out the Productivity Game YouTube channel. He summarizes famous books in 10-minute videos.

  • The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill
  • Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography This one I like because it is mostly about football-related content
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson
  • Freakonomics. This one is about how people use non-causal relationships (spurious relationships) to push their agendas. It is a bit technical so it felt like a math book to some extent
  • What Every Body is Saying by Joe Navarro. Joe is an ex-FBI agent and in this one, he reveals the “tells” you can use to “read” someone’s true emotions and feelings in a few seconds. For example, you can easily tell when someone is lying.
  • The Complete Mental Fitness Book by Tom Wujec. It contains exercises to improve your brain’s sharpness and increase willpower and concentration. Definitely a must-read in my opinion.

Part 6: Music I recommend

How you enjoy music depends on the mood you’re in. Anyway, here is a playlist I cobbled up together on YouTube of extremely random but amazing music:

Other Tools I use

  • Journalling: Penzu (free and available online)
  • Note taking/Reminder: Keep Notes by Google hence available across devices and online
  • Memes: and Reddit
  • Fun blogs:
  • Messaging: Skype app. It’s not just a video-calling app… in fact, I think it is Whatsapp on steroids.
  • Want to learn investment terms: visit or just subscribe to their newsletter and learn a new term every day.
  • Subscribe to the Zenhabits newsletter to learn how to master your spirituality.
  • Random one here for the dudes: Sexiest female voice; Annie Jacobsen (on Joe Rogan Podcast on YouTube).