I had a dream…

I had a dream.

I met Medusa and mistakenly glimpsed at her eyes, as you’d normally do when you meet a new, strange person.

However, something unexpected happened…

I didn’t turn into a statue.

I was as perplexed as she was because as you know from lore, everyone she’d met who’d looked into her eyes had turned into one.

Both confused, we stared at each other for two minutes… silently.

Then I, fearfully at first, walked towards her and asked her a strange question:

“Those snakes on your head, do they bite?”

She was quiet at first, perhaps thinking about that question… perhaps she thought it was a silly one. But she answered, stammering and finding her words as if she was learning the language:

“I don’t… know… they’ve never bitten me… at least…”

I interrupted her:

“But then again, no one has ever really come close to you because they all turn into stone before they even get that close, right?”

She appeared to agree with me but didn’t acknowledge it. I suppose she was still confused and still couldn’t understand why I was unaffected by her magic stare.

I, on the other hand, felt a surge of confidence and decided to get closer to her; invade her personal space, which I did. I could feel her breath at that point.

Then I stretched my arm and touched her cheek, making deep eye contact with her. Her eyes were red up until that point… a crimson red. I felt as though they were staring right through me. As if she knew everything about me, yet we had only met.

I felt a little less confident at this point, a bit scared even.

Then the most miraculous thing happened. Her eyes started changing color.

From red to a dark shade of green, and eventually brown. Her snake hair also gradually turned into a beautiful, dark, soft mane. She was fucking beautiful.

Then slowly, she closed her eyes… as if anticipating a kiss. I obliged. I started moving in… but before I could even…

My fucking alarm rang!

“Time to wake the fuck up” was the label.

I have to say, I nearly smashed that phone against the wall.

But then logic kicked in and I realized that that was just a dream.

I need to get myself a girl, a special one, I resolved.

And then I went about my morning and day.

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