About Me

I am David Nyaga

David Nyaga

I am an Electrical Engineering graduate and I like listening to music (depending on mood).

I love watching football, think memes are awesome, binge on the occasional series, and write occasionally. 

I believe that True happiness comes from achieving goals and being useful.

I also believe that working hard doesn’t have to be hard and that you should break down complex tasks into tiny, more manageable bits.

I believe that there is a procrastinator in all of us, it’s just that some people are better at reigning in on theirs than others.

Learning to face your fears is one of the most important things you can do as a human being, as annoyingly cliché as that sounds (but don’t jump off a building if you fear heights or start caressing a spider or snake if you fear those).

I find that you can learn more about someone by engaging in a competitive activity against them, say, a quick game of FIFA, darts, poker, a few rounds on the pool table, or whatever you find convenient… or having a few drinks with them (tea, juice, soda, or whatever 😉).

I hope you learn something in here 👍


The principles I explore here are derived from material I encounter in my day-to-day. They may work for you or fail to work for you… but I think the chances of working are higher.